4th Annual Awards Banquet

4thAnnualThe 2010 SVRTC Awards Banquet was held Wednesday, March 19th, at 11:30 A. M., in Nance Dining Hall, at Longwood University.  This event recognized4thAnnual1 a teacher from each division who has exhibited exemplary use of technology in the classroom.  In addition, two other awards were presented.  The Technology Leadership Award was presented to one educator or community leader in the SVRTC area who has promoted the use of technology in the region.  The Division Leadership Award was presented to one school division recognized for advancing technology in the educational setting.

The guest speaker for this event was the Honorable Dr. Thomas R. Morris,
Virginia’s Secretary of Education. Dr. presented many of the awards. Guests for the event included Senator Frank Ruff, Dr. Deneese Jones, and Troilen Seward. Bill Wilson provided the closing remarks.

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