Annual Awards Banquet

SVRTC hosts an annual awards banquet to celebrate the outstanding technology leadership in the 25 school divisions that the consortium is comprised of. Although the awards have changed over the years, currently the banquet helps recognize and celebrate two competitive awards: Division Leadership and Technology Leadership.  The recipients of these awards over the years are listed below.  In addition, a professional from each SVRTC school division can be awarded each year for the following:  Technology Teacher, Instructional Support, and Technology Support.  A list of those awardees for each year can be found in the Additional Awards column.
Award YearTechnology DivisionTechnology LeadershipAdditional AwardsRelated Article
2024Henry County Public SchoolsChip Jones,
Cumberland County Public Schools
2024 Award WinnersLink to 2023 Awards Article
2023Dinwiddie County Public SchoolsElizabeth Fulcher,
Henry County Public Schools
2023 Award WinnersLink to 2023 Awards Article
2022Brunswick County Public SchoolsSylvia Hicks,
Amelia County Public Schools
2022 Award WinnersLink to 2022 awardees
2021Prince Edward County Public SchoolsKrystle E. Pearson,
Brunswick County Public Schools
2021 Award WinnersLink to 2021 awardees
2020Sussex County Public SchoolsJeff Dingeldien,
Cumberland County Public Schools
2020 Award WinnersLink to 2020 awardees
2019Nottoway County Public SchoolsTimothy Mays,
Sussex County Public Schools
2019 Award WinnersLink to 2019 awardees
2018Lunenburg County Public SchoolsChristopher Coleman,
Brunswick County Public Schools
2018 Award WinnersLink to 2018 awardees
2017Amelia County Public SchoolsDr. Jack McKinley, Amelia County Public Schools2017 Award WinnersLink to 2017 awardees
2016Dinwiddie County Public SchoolsDr. Dorinda Grasty, Appomattox County Public Schools2016 Award WinnersLink to 2016 awardees
2015Martinsville City Public SchoolsJanet Copenhaver, Henry County Public Schools2015 Award WinnersLink to 2015 awardees
2014Henry County Public SchoolsChris Hartley, Cumberland County Public Schools
Judy Deichman, Nottoway County Public Schools
2014 Award WinnersLink to 2014 awardees
2013Appomattox County Public SchoolsDr. Mark Webster, Colonial Heights City Public Schools2013 Award Winners
Link to 2013 awardees
2012Charlotte County Public SchoolsDr. Amy Griffin, Cumberland County Public Schools2012 Award WinnersLink to 2012 awardees
2011Nottoway County Public SchoolsDr. Anthony Jackson, Henry County Public Schools2011 Award WinnersLink to 2011 awardees
2010Cumberland County Public SchoolsRalph Mulleins, Cumberland County Public Schools2010 Award WinnersLink to 2010 awardees
2009Appomattox County Public Schools
Mecklenburg County Public Schools
Anita Harris, Sussex County Public Schools
Dr. Yvonne Smith-Jones, Hopewell City Public Schools
2009 Award Winners
2008Dinwiddie County Public Schools
Patrick County Public Schools
Chad Wollenburg, Mecklenburg County Public Schools2008 Award Winners
2007Cumberland County Public SchoolsElizabeth Jamerson, Cumberland County Public Schools
Paul Nichols, Executive Director, Halifax
2007 Award Winners