About Us

The Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium (SVRTC) was established in 1995 with the leadership of Dinwiddie County Public Schools and a partnership with Longwood University.

During the years of 1996-1998, SVRTC  received funding from the General Assembly and Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). The consortium was first developed to promote a telecommunication network and expand the capabilities of Southside Virginia school divisions.

In 1999, Longwood University became SVRTC’s fiscal and administrative agent.  SVRTC would be supported through Longwood’s K-12 Outreach, the Institute for Teaching through Technology and Innovative Practices (ITTIP). This collaboration facilitated an almost transparent relationship in supporting professional development through asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities. ITTIP continues to provide the administrative support for SVRTC initiatives and the member school divisions are the primary recipients of the K-12 technology and STEM initiatives that ITTIP provides for teachers and students through their outreach efforts.svrtc-counties

SVRTC provides a mechanism for its partnering school divisions to leverage technology resources.  Additionally, it provides members a venue for monthly professional development related to technology issues.  The consortium also holds an Annual Awards Banquet to highlight and celebrate the work done in technology and educational technology in our partnering divisions.  Currently, the consortium has adopted a Strategic Plan for 2022-2027 to further define the productivity and focus of the group.

While SVRTC is still partially funded through the General Assembly,  Longwood University provides the remaining funding needed to support SVRTC initiatives.

The consortium has designated committee and chair representatives from across the partnering divisions, if you have any questions regarding SVRTC, please call the ITTIP office: 434-395-2915