Exploring Google Chrome Extensions

Image of Periodic Table of Google Chrome Extensions by Denise Henry-Orndorff

The January SVRTC meeting had 17 members in attendance from the following SVRTC divisions: Amelia, Brunswick, Cumberland, Danville, Dinwiddie, Greensville, Lunenburg, Martinsville, Mecklenburg, Prince Edward, and Southampton.

The meeting professional development program was presented by Denise Henry-Orndorff, Instructional Technology Coach in Frederick County. She presented virtually to members the Periodic Table of Google Chrome Extensions (image pictured above). She explained how she came up with the idea to create a clickable, interactive document to make it easier for teachers and staff to find Google Extension resources. She demonstrated how to use the Periodic Table of Google Chrome Extensions by sharing how each icon linked to a new Google Doc. Each Google Doc then had links to the Google Chrome Store extension, applicable YouTube videos, and a description.

Ms. Henry-Orndorff also elaborated on how to use Chrome extensions and provided a demonstration of the many resources from her Periodic Table of Google Chrome Extensions . She explained that before downloading an extension, it is important to check the number of ratings and recent reviews of an app to determine if the app is up to date and working properly. She transitioned into modeling how to use Extensity to manage extensions. She noted that when turning an extension on, it is important to also refresh the page so the extension will work.

Ms. Henry-Orndorff’s shared her VSTE 2021 Resource Page with the group and encouraged attendees to reach out if any questions come up when using the Periodic Table of Google Chrome Extensions digital resource.

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