Moulding Project Director for the LEGO Visits Nottoway Students

Kevin Morales, the Moulding Project Director for the LEGO Group, visited students at Crewe Primary School on December 6th, 2023. This was Mr. Morales’ first visit to an American school!  Mr. Morales was asked to speak to 2nd and 3rd grade students through a collaboration with Annah Bowan, Nottoway Public Schools, and Dr. Stephanie Playton, Longwood University. This event also supports the grant partnership, ACSE:SVRTC, initiatives.

Mr. Morales agreed to not only speak to Nottoway students, but agreed to come in person to Crewe Primary School. Mr. Morales explained that he has worked for LEGO for 13 years — from Mexico to Denmark and now in Richmond, Virginia. He is in charge of all of the machines inside the facility that actually produce the bricks and explained how the ABS plastic is moulded into the many different sizes and shapes of LEGO. Students learned that the largest kit is the World Map, black bricks are produced more than any other color, and over 500,000,000 bricks are made every day. Students were engaged in asking Mr. Morales a number of questions! Crewe Primary School’s principal, Mr. Lloyd Page, also had a few questions and showed off his own interest in LEGOs while they compared matching LEGO sneakers with Mr. Morales.

Nottoway Public Schools and Longwood University are grateful for the opportunity to introduce such an amazing career to our youth.

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