2021 Awardees

SVRTC DivisionAwardeeSVRTC Technology Award
Amelia County Public SchoolsBethany ShilanTechnology Teacher
Amelia County Public SchoolsJessica Duffey
Instructional Support
Amelia County Public SchoolsJason Cubbage
Technology Support
Brunswick County Public SchoolsHannah SopkoTechnology Teacher
Brunswick County Public SchoolsMortici Davis
Instructional Support
Brunswick County Public SchoolsAlton DavisTechnology Support
Buckingham County Public SchoolsSarah DrumhellerTechnology Teacher
Buckingham County Public SchoolsMaggie ShanleyInstructional Support
Charlotte County Public SchoolsKate DavisTechnology Teacher
Charlotte County Public SchoolsBrittany CardInstructional Support
Charlotte County Public SchoolsCollin MooreTechnology Support
Colonial Heights City Public SchoolsAshley UngerTechnology Teacher
Cumberland County Public SchoolsEmily Overstreet
Technology Teacher
Cumberland County Public SchoolsCharles MotterInstructional Support
Cumberland County Public SchoolsJeff DingeldeinTechnology Support
Danville City Public SchoolsStephanie HaynsworthInstructional Support
Danville City Public SchoolsLaWanda Ca'stleInstructional Support
Danville City Public SchoolsLee Davis
Technology Support
Dinwiddie County Public SchoolsKimberly BoozerTechnology Teacher
Dinwiddie County Public SchoolsJeanne Minetree
Instructional Support
Dinwiddie County Public SchoolsGerald WilliamsTechnology Support
Franklin City Public SchoolsSuzzanne BlytheInstructional Support
Franklin City Public SchoolsRob EubanksTechnology Support
Henry County Public Schools
Rebekah VernonInstructional Support
Henry County Public SchoolsTammy Noe
Technology Support
Hopewell City Public SchoolsRebecca RedlingTechnology Teacher
Hopewell City Public SchoolsEmily WardTechnology Support
Hopewell City Public SchoolsKris ReedInstructional Support
Lunenburg County Public SchoolsScott WilsonTechnology Teacher
Lunenburg County Public SchoolsAmber CollinsInstructional Support
Lunenburg County Public SchoolsKristin LafoonTechnology Support
Mecklenburg County Public SchoolsKimberly RicheyTechnology Teacher
Mecklenburg County Public SchoolsStacie ChampionInstructional Support
Mecklenburg County Public SchoolsShannon WillisTechnology Support
Nottoway County Public SchoolsAimee ParsonsTechnology Teacher
Nottoway County Public SchoolsKara ShorterInstructional Support
Nottoway County Public SchoolsElizabeth HendricksTechnology Support
Prince Edward County Public SchoolsLynn ChapmanTechnology Teacher
Prince Edward County Public SchoolsAmy McClureInstructional Support
Prince Edward County Public SchoolsCatrina AndersonTechnology Support
Prince George Public SchoolsBlair SammlerTechnology Teacher
Southampton County Public SchoolsMichelle McHenryInstructional Support
Sussex County Public SchoolsToccara PattersonInstructional Support
Sussex County Public SchoolsJean-Claude DelaneTechnology Support

15th Annual SVRTC Banquet: 2020-2021

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, SVRTC members, awardees, superintendents and other special guests gathered virtually for the Annual SVRTC Awards Banquet. Just like the previous March, the banquet was celebrated online. This year the banquet had over 100 participants join for the celebration of awardees and announcements of the two competitive awards: Technology Leadership Award and Division Leadership Award. Watch the recording below with special speakers: Senator Frank Ruff, First Lady of Virginia (Pamela Northam), and Dr. Larissa Smith

Congratulations, SVRTC 2020-2021 Awardees!

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