Learning with LEGOS…The Legendary Experience Continues

Bruns-STEM_Oct16In Brunswick County, Mrs. Powers’ students continue their exploration of STEM through learning with LEGO building kits. This year fourth and fifth graders are creating LEGO: Crazy Action Contraptions including a Beaker Blender, an Annoy-O-Matic, a Squeezeclaw Grabber, and a No Donkey Donkey Cart. Students said the Beaker Blender would be helpful when mixing cake batter if the mixer breaks or when camping to make a smoothie without electricity!   First, second, and third graders are exploring with LEGO kits too. Third graders are using LEGO kits to create LEGO: Chain Reactions by designing and building amazing moving machines in order to make a sign stand up, knock over dominoes, and that’s just the beginning of the chain reactions we’re creating! First and second graders are learning how to work cooperatively by sharing LEGO blocks to create pinwheels, spinning tops, and seesaws.  They’d like to create their own playground or amusement park using the kits so check us out as we learning with LEGOS!

*This article was submitted by Krystle E. Pearson, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher of Brunswick County Public Schools

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