Swivl Demonstration

swivlJohnny Sink, Virginia Regional Sales Manager for Clinton Learning Solutions, presented to SVRTC members on Wednesday, April 20, 2016.  His presentation included a demonstration of the Swivl technology. The Swivl is an automated mobile accessory with a suite of online tools that makes regular use of video. It works in such a way that you can record instruction (small group, whole group) with a mobile device by placing that mobile device on the robot, Swivl.  It then moves your mobile recording device in the direction of the person or persons being recorded.
The recording can then be uploaded to the Swivl “cloud” for viewing through their free mobile application.  Some are using it for flipping their classrooms, while others are using it for absent students and instructional evaluation.  Three counties in SVTRC has had an opportunity to either purchase it for their schools, or borrow a Swivl robot for demonstration purposes:  Appomatox, Franklin City, Sussex.

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