2012 Erate Application

The SVRTC is preparing its 2012 Form 471 for Erate discounts. Superintendent’s will be receiving two letter in this regard. Letters for permission to apply on behalf of the consortium, and requests for their Block 4 information from their From 471’s, both requirements for the consortium to apply for continuing discounts. The deadline for the SVRTC to receive this information is Tuesday March 13.

Thanks to the continued support of the Division Superintendents, the SVRTC has been able to maintain an average discount of 75% for over 10 years. This support has allowed the SVRTC to continue to provide regional services to the consortium divisions at no cost. The services maintained for the consortium in the SVRTC’s Regional Service Access Point include:

  • Professional Development content servers
  • Web servers
  • Video Conferencing Bridging (MCU)
  • Video Conferencing Gatekeepers
  • Directory Servers
  • Social Interaction Servers
  • Video Conferencing Access to Internet-2 and National Lambda Rail (via MCU)
  • Research in emerging technologies
  • Consulting support for select technologies

Bill Wilson is the primary contact for these services.