2022 SVRTC Awardees

SVRTC DivisionAwardeeSVRTC Technology Award
Amelia County Public SchoolsAngela Robertson Technology Teacher
Amelia County Public SchoolsJohn PossInstructional Support
Amelia County Public SchoolsTracey Dixon
Technology Support
Appomattox County Public SchoolsNicole Olsen
Technology Support
Brunswick County Public SchoolsJaypee Sarraga Himongala Technology Teacher
Brunswick County Public SchoolsStacy NewellInstructional Support
Brunswick County Public SchoolsDeborah WessonTechnology Support
Buckingham County Public SchoolsLinda RuffnerTechnology Teacher
Buckingham County Public SchoolsWendy GormusTechnology Support
Charlotte County Public SchoolsKristin BartonTechnology Teacher
Charlotte County Public SchoolsEmily ToombsInstructional Support
Charlotte County Public SchoolsAmanda DeMatteoTechnology Support
Colonial Heights City Public SchoolsMolly Slack
Technology Teacher
Cumberland County Public Schools Parrish Mort Technology Teacher
Cumberland County Public SchoolsAshley PostansInstructional Support
Cumberland County Public SchoolsKim Williamson Technology Support
Danville City Public SchoolsTrey Wilson Technology Teacher
Danville City Public SchoolsCori Sowers
Instructional Support
Danville City Public SchoolsSpenser BaileyTechnology Support
Dinwiddie County Public SchoolsChristina DruryTechnology Teacher
Dinwiddie County Public SchoolsJennifer Singleton
Instructional Support
Dinwiddie County Public SchoolsTroy Overby, Jr. Technology Support
Franklin City Public SchoolsCalvin Sing Technology Teacher
Franklin City Public SchoolsRobert Eubanks
Technology Support
Halifax County Public SchoolsSusan Elliott Technology Teacher
Halifax County Public SchoolsRobin AndersonInstructional Support
Halifax County Public SchoolsDavid Day Technology Support
Henry County Public SchoolsTiffany Creech Technology Teacher
Henry County Public Schools
Eddie Sechrist
Instructional Support
Henry County Public SchoolsJason Beavers Technology Support
Hopewell City Public SchoolsAlexandra PerryTechnology Teacher
Hopewell City Public SchoolsTyesha Evans
Instructional Support
Hopewell City Public SchoolsJarek Hernandez AcabaTechnology Support
Martinsville City Public SchoolsRebecca D. Vernon Technology Teacher
Martinsville City Public SchoolsElizabeth Lynch
Instructional Support
Martinsville City Public SchoolsMonica Mitchell Technology Support
Mecklenburg County Public Schools Tabitha CashTechnology Teacher
Mecklenburg County Public Schools Amanda BowenInstructional Support
Mecklenburg County Public Schools Amy Whitten Technology Support
Nottoway County Public SchoolsJenna FinneganTechnology Teacher
Nottoway County Public SchoolsLindsey Layne
Instructional Support
Nottoway County Public SchoolsMelanie Armes Technology Support
Petersburg City Public SchoolsKevin SmithTechnology Teacher
Petersburg City Public SchoolsRenee Mayo
Instructional Support
Petersburg City Public SchoolsMyesha GarnesTechnology Support
Prince Edward County Public SchoolsKyle Stone Technology Teacher
Prince Edward County Public SchoolsBea LeidermanInstructional Support
Prince Edward County Public SchoolsJohn Meinhard Technology Support
Sussex County Public SchoolsSarah FinchTechnology Teacher
Sussex County Public SchoolsKatina Fitzgerald-Johnson
Instructional Support
Sussex County Public SchoolsCorey Long, Jr. Technology Support

Members Learn About Clear Touch Interactive Panels

The February SVRTC meeting had 20 members in attendance from the following SVRTC divisions: Brunswick, Colonial Heights, Cumberland, Danville City, Dinwiddie, Franklin City, Greensville, Martinsville, Mecklenburg, Nottoway, Petersburg, and Prince Edward.

Shayna Muirhead from NextWave Tech, presented Clear Touch Interactive Panels virtually to SVRTC members. She explained what Clear Touch interactive panels are: an adjustable, portable, interactive panel that is easy to move and ready to use by just plugging in the device.

She described some of the features that come with this piece of technology including apps already installed such as Google Browser, Zoom, Kahoot, and other educational applications. She also demonstrated an app called, Collage, which is a wireless way that students can cast their device onto the panel and show their work. By entering the 6-digit access code, any device can connect to the panel and up to 9 devices can be connected simultaneously. This device also comes with multiple inputs such as HDMI for PC, MAC, and Android.

Woman pointing at screen and selecting from multiple windows.

An additional feature the Clear Touch Panels have are that they can detect different touches and pick up on each finger touching the screen, along with different hand positions to erase the annotations. Ms. Muirhead described the feature called, Snowflake Mutli-teach – which is a software that allows multiple pages to be displayed onto one page and that teachers can use while teaching. Snowflake also provides multiple interactive lessons that students and teachers can use to collaborate. Teachers can easily organize and edit their lessons through this software making each lesson easily accessible. 

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