Sussex Central High School Celebrates Computer Science Education Week

Two men smiling with holding metals around their necks.

In computing and technology careers, greater inclusion lifts individual futures and entire communities. Yet many groups are underrepresented. Too many voices and their winning ideas go unheard. Unquestionably, the will for change exists, but turning awareness into outcomes requires strategies for action. From the classroom to the boardroom, the superintendent’s office to the tech labs, Sussex Central High School (SCHS) wanted to expose students to evidence-based methodologies, and collaborative peer communities that could help build possibility, develop potential, and create lasting change.

This was the year of action at SCHS as they celebrated Computer Science (CS) Education Week with and an Hour of Code Fair. The event had several CS guests who came to share including: CodeVA, VSU Computer Science Department, Counselors4Computing Group, SCHS Robotics Team, SCHS Programming Class and a host of volunteers. The event provided a way to foster awareness of CS for all students.

Chromebooks Used to Bring Smiles to Children’s Faces

In November 2019, Brunswick County Public Schools celebrated their first one-to-one school, Totaro Elementary. Now, with newly deployed Chromebooks at a second elementary school, Red Oak-Sturgeon Elementary School, students are enjoying their digital activities, too. Recently, as a labor of love, third grade students enjoyed sharing love and hope to others after designing Valentine’s Day cards for children at the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. While this brought smiles to the students of Red Oak-Sturgeon Elementary School, it also provided a way to spread that love and hope to other children outside their own community.