Data Security: What are your schools doing?

The October SVRTC meeting had twelve divisions represented with attendance of twenty-six education professionals.  Dr. Susan Clair, Learning Infrastructure Coordinator with VDOE, presented for the professional development portion of the meeting.

Woman talking in front of a presentation screen with a person in the background on a computer.

Dr. Clair discussed concerns about how schools are being attacked by a variety of malware and ransomware that want student data.  She noted several cases where hackers have targeted schools in Maryland and Virginia, while referencing a map of incidents reported across the United States.   Dr. Clair emphasized the importance of student data privacy and shared several websites that contained useful information on protecting data and security training options, including:

Dr. Clair stated that VDOE is beginning work with several larger school divisions on student data privacy and will share her findings at a later date.  She also reminded members that with Amazon’s new headquarters heading for our state,  many jobs for cloud computing will be available and it’s important that we start providing training and certification in our schools now.

Additional discussion during Dr. Clair’s presentation included updates on the latest Erate information where members were able to ask questions.